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  - 4 days

  - 2,5 days of training
  - 1 day of visits / meeting
  - 0,5 day of roundatable

  - Viet Nam
  - European
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Leadership Development Program is an advanced training program co-operated between VNU Industry Collaboration Hub (VIC-VNU) and Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global). The program helps managers understand and appropriately apply the leadership style according to the specific operating system of the work and deployed project, improve efficiency and promote the power of the management system.
This program is designed based on our strengths of restructured business administration & coperate management for public management; responsible human and society approach of leadership in Europe; and advanced practices of European leaders in strategic union and communities.
This program offers at the same time theoretical knowledge and experience-based approach via various training methods.

- To identify and practice their skills needed for current and future leader positions,
- To initiate and brainstorm the possible solutions for current and future trans disciplined questions,
- To assure the strategic processes for current and future and economic organization transformation.

Topics that will be treated include:

1. Management and Strategies
- Strategic Management and Strategic Processes
- Corporate and Public Finance
- Negotiations and Conflict Management
- International Business Laws

2. Ledaership Development
- Leadership to deply Strategy
- Change and Leadership 
- Inerpersonal and Talent Management
- Managerial Behavior Coaching

3. European Union, Foreign Affairs and Securities
- European Union: stakes and debates
- Security and power? Boders and Treatments
- Connecting the Dots for Securities, cases of US, Europe & France

4. Revisting Public Services
- Insstitution, Governance, and Public Sector Reform
- Sustainable Development and Eco-innovations
- Quality, health, Security, Environment Management

5. Innavations and Globalization Trends
- Start-ups Development and Management
- E-Business and E-Government
- Concept and Creation of Innovation
- Privatization and Equitization

* This topic is for participants of courses at European
6. Other topics for case studies and visits (in European countries)
- Education and Alternating Training
- High - tech SMEs
- Agronomy and Agricultural Policies
- Rural Economics and Farm Business Management
- Commodity Market & Wholesale Food Market
- Territorial Governance
- Open-Source Solutions for Public Services

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