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This tailor-made executive training and expert exchange program is proposed by us based on the topics requested by the Project 165 in Vietnam (VN - P165). Custom programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of different and long-term projects.  After mapping out and analyzing the strategic issues relating to public administration, we work closely with the direction of Project 165 to craft a detail curriculum in line with the specific project learning objectives.

To be better understand public sector issues and address challenges in public policy and management
→ To analyze the function and the policies of the EU vis - à - vis other countries and the evolution of international system
→ To offer local managers the tools to effectively design and implement local development initiatives
→ To understand the main actors of globalization and monitor the key global processes with respect to economic actors.

Topics that will be treated include:
- Public Administration
- Challenges in Public Administration in the European Union
- Territorial Governance and Local Development
- Change Management in the Administration
- Key Global Economic Players & Trends
- E-Government
- The Role of Ruling Party and the Party - Government Nexus


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